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February Forest

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Forest in light mist at the end of February
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It’s the end of February and the snow has melted completely in the forest. Despite the winters frost, many leaves, though dried, remained on tree branches. Almost all forest floor is covered with green moss that grew in abundance. The trees in the distance are lost in a light mist crossed by sunlight.

3 responses to “February Forest”
  1. Chhana Khiangte says:

    These pictures are very beautiful, I love them so very much.

  2. Lyn Racz says:

    I use the forest as my desk top and my students love these pictures; Tucson AZ, Sunnyside District, Chaparral Middle School (We are studying ecology). They remind me of home, but my students are not familiar with a deciduous forest except through these.

  3. This picture of the forest looks like a southern forest in winter. I plan to use it for my calendar for February. I do our church speaking schedule
    This will work well. Thank You for the lovely shot.

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