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The glacial lake Stiol – source of the river Bistrita – is located in the Rodna National Park, near the tourist resort Borsa, Romania. In 2002, abusively, was built an access road and a dam, at its base, thus increasing the initial surface three times. The image was made in 2009, when it was already modified. Now, the problem is the return to the initial state, but after all likelihood, the process will take, because of the lack of financial interest.

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  1. Antonio Raposo says:


    This photo reminds me my home town in the Serra da Estrela (Star Mountain), Covilhã, Portugal. You are invited to come, let me know! Bring your equipment! Thank you for sharing such beautiful, marvellous photos!!! All the best! Antonio

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment and invitation Antonio! Maybe we will come someday.

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