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Forest Drive

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A circulated, stone covered, forest drive, bathed in the warm and elongated sunset rays. A dry, tall grass grew nearby on the both sides of the road
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A forest drive covered with stone, which after the traces seems to be circulated, sneaks through the tall and thin firs without branches in the lower torso. The forest is not very tick and so there are many elongated rays of sunset which are able to sneak through the trees. Now the road is intersected by a series of streaks of lights and shadows. On the both sides of the road, a tall, dry grass grew. Now it’s fall.
The picture was created with a Nikon D40X camera and Nikon 55-200mm VR AF-S f/4-5.6G ED lens using these settings: exposure time – 1/200 seconds, focal length – 55 mm, ISO – 400, F- number – 4.5

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