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Papilio Machaon

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Papilio machaon a butterfly with reddish-orange eyespot on the hind wings.
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Papilio machaon is a large size butterfly widespread in Europe, Asia and North America. Also known als Common Yellow Swallowtail, this butterfly has a pair of protruding tails and a reddish-orange eyespot on the hind wings. It is capable of covering large distances and has a preference for pink or mauve flowers such as Thistle and Ragged Robin, knapweeds. Male Swallowtails are and are often seen flying at the top of hills, where are trying to attract the passing females.
The picture was created with a Nikon D40X camera and Nikon 55-200mm VR AF-S f/4-5.6G ED lens using these settings: exposure time – 1/200 seconds, focal length – 200mm, ISO – 200, F-number – 5,6.

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  1. Kim says:

    I found one of these butterflies in my yard last night, but it’s yellow, black an blue. Didn’t pick it up but it climbed into my shoe and I got it out of the wet grass, covered it up for the night with an American flag. This morning it is now just sitting on the poke, looking like it’s having issues to fly. Will he/she be ok?

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