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Cumulus Congestus

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It’s a restless sky in a hot summer afternoon. The weather is still beautiful, but the wind blows and changes continuously the shapes of Cumulus Congestus clouds, which remember of an elegant portion of “oeufs a la neige”. It’s a show of lights and shadow under the blue dome of sky. Soon, the thirst of Nature will be calmed by a summer rain.
The picture was captured with a Nikon D40X camera and Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S DX lens, using these settings: focal length – 55 mm, exposure time – 1/800 sec, ISO 100, lens aperture – 5,6.

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  1. nobby stiles says:

    just great , in every way …….Thankyou !!!!!!!

  2. Alelgn says:

    All pictures reflect the glory of God.

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