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River Stream

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Photo of a mountain river streaming over the stones.

3 responses to “River Stream”
  1. Yvonne Tan says:

    Thanx for beautiful pic. Planning to put onto my website. Have not completed yet.

  2. Warrior of the heart says:

    I have not fully created a web page yet, but I wanted to respectfully let you know I am using one of your photos for a College project within an assignment for the web page “Codeacademy”. it is where you learn how to write HTML.

    I did want to ask if it would be possible for me to come back and use your pictures if I should eventually create a web page for personal use and later a possible business page. It may sound awkward to you that I am asking, but it is out of respect for all the hard work you have placed within creating this for all of us here.

    Very Sincerely
    Warrior of the Heart – Joscelyn

  3. Constantin says:

    Please feel free to use my images!

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